The new Les Joueurs de Bon Accord recording celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Montreal branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society!

The CD is available for purchase at CDBaby and TACSound.

Dance instructions are in the book Montreal Moments, published by the RSCDS Montreal Branch and available from TACBooks.

1. Mrs. Frances MacCullough (R32 x 8): The Highland Lassie Going to the Fair / Bonnie House of Airlie March / The Black Watch's Farewell to Bareilly / Waterloo March

2. MacDonald of the Isles, Five Couple (S32 x 5): The Smith's a Gallant Fireman / Mrs. McInroy of Lude / The Earl Grey / Lord Byron

3. Charlie's Birthday (J32 x 8): Greta Young of Gourock (Nicholas Williams, commissioned by Margaret Gomersall) / Jig of the Clan Beag (Andy Thorburn) / Lord Drighorn / Waste (Laura Cortese)

4. Montreal Rendezvous (R32 x 8): Monozygotic Phenomenon (Laura Risk, commissioned by Peter White for Joanne and Ruth Turnbull) / Unseasonal Rain (Nicholas Williams) / Road to Errogie (Adam Sutherland) / The Bee's Knees (Joanne Garton)

5. Moran Taing (S32 x 8): Montreal Summers (Nicholas Williams, commissioned by Norah Link) / Lady Hope of Pinkie / Mrs. Irene Fidler's Strathspey (Chris Blair)

6. Montreal Anniversary Jig (J32 x 4, double chord): Montreal Anniversary Jig (Laura Risk, commissioned by Holly Boyd) / Mrs. Oswald of Auchincruive's Favorite Reel (Robert Mackintosh)

7. Happy to Meet You Charlie (S32 x 4, double chord): Ulrike's Inspiration (Laura Risk, commissioned by Dagmar Koeppler) / Croughly's (William Marshall) / New Year's Day

8. Cruit Mo Chridh (R32 x 8): Alexander Small Reel (Muriel Johnstone) / Glenbucket Lodge / Chanter Song / The House of Auchluncart (William Marshall)

9. Yet Another Birthday (S32 x 3): C'est a ton tour (Laura Risk, commissioned by Holly Boyd for Don Nemiroff) / Gareloch

10. Lydia's Dance (R40 x 8): True Thomas (Nicholas Williams, commissioned by Katherine Tompkins) / Peveril Lasses (Jean Duval) / Reel du Marche Jean-Talon (Nicholas Williams) / Terrebonne (trad. Quebec)

11. Waltz: Gabriel and Diana (Laura Risk)

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All tunes traditional Scottish unless otherwise noted.